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Once upon a time, in a little land named Bohemia, where riveres flowed with milk and honey, in time when anybody whose name was Vaclav was privatizing anything that did not have a heartbeat, there lived two musicians. One blond and jolly man, was named Mirek the Bohemian, while the second Ivo "Espe" the Sleeper. Mirek had a bit more experiance when it came to music, so he wrote the scores to Ivo´s texts and tunes, and the two practiced together and played, played, played.

This fairy-tail like period continued till one day when, after some sweat and tears were spent over guitars and sequencers, Mirek decided to go find some singing princess for his ownproject. Bye, Mirek!

But sudenly a whole pack of bandless musicians emerged from the Bohemian forest (armed with quitars and drunsticks) not far from being dangerous, they helped to bring a newband - now called CENTRAL PARK from the playroom to the concert hall.

Ivo "Espe" Spáčil, Štefan Mihálik, Martin Petrásek, Láda Tomášek, Radek the Bohemian and Pavel Kucera all strummed their quitars and beat their drums at CENTRAL PARK concerts in 1999 throughout East Prague. Their hard play resulted in two promo singles, emerging from the press in the fatefull monthof April 2000.

Meanwhile, resting in his nest in a treetop high above Prague, film director Robert the Bird heard CENTRAL PARK´s new CD´s and decided he liked it so much, he will make avideo out of CP´s song "Dáma ve hvezdách".

And since those CD´s were released, CP has been taken under wings of Fine Rock Music´s fine producer Petr Kusa. So if you are lucky and you listen real heard, you just might hear CENTRAL PARK crowing away on the radio. CENTRAL PARK have gone on to sing and strum and beat and bang happily ever after.

Contakt: kapela@centralpark.cz